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Mockingbird Intern for the Summer of 2013. I'm a rising third-year at the University of Virginia where I am double-majoring in Government and Media Studies.

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    The Beautiful Nonsensicality of The Way, Way Back

    The summer movie season has had its highlights for me (Much Ado About Nothing, The Great Gatsby, and – admittedly – Despicable Me 2). But it’s been the blockbusters that have often been biggest letdowns. Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, and The Wolverine were all pretty underwhelming, each reaping as much destruction on their […]

    Uncoerced Love in Chaos and Grace

    An excerpt from Mark Galli’s Chaos and Grace: Discovering the Liberating Work of the Holy Spirit: Freedom is not some abstract concept about the ability of the human will. It is nothing less than a way to talk about love. When writing about love, I’m often tempted to add an adjective to it and talk […]

    The Freedom of Robert Galbraith

    As we all know, expectations can be crippling. Success breeds expectations for more success and higher, sometimes unfair, scrutiny can be placed upon a person. This scrutiny can be debilitating, and after an acclaimed bestseller – well, what do you write next? Last year, J.K. Rowling published her first book since the finale of Harry […]

    Gideon’s Army and the Best Attorney There Is

    HBO has been on fire with their summer documentary series, but the highlight thus far has definitely been Gideon’s Army. Fifty years ago, the Supreme Court ruled in Gideon v. Wainwright that everybody deserves legal representation in the court system, and if somebody cannot afford representation, then the state must provide an attorney for them. […]

    Pixar and the Beauty of Ugly Emotions

    The reviews are in for Pixar’s latest project, Monsters University, and most of its criticisms direct readers to previous films in the franchise, implying Pixar has produced better (reinforcing the Law of High Quality Content). But the reviewers still say that the film is immensely entertaining. I can’t disagree. I loved its parallels with the […]

    God is Not the NSA

    The National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden has been all the rage in the blogosphere these past couple weeks. The debate over whether or not he is a traitor or a patriot is not dying down and, amidst this fray, it almost seems that we have forgotten about Snowden’s actual revelations, that the American Government has […]

    Tim Tebow at the Bottom of His Barrel

    Guess who’s back?! Everyone’s favorite sports talking point (including Mockingbird’s) is heading to the New England Patriots, and the initial reactions are just as polarized as any conversation about Tim Tebow has ever been. There’s the cautious optimist, there’s the outright optimist, and then there’s the severe pessimist, to name just a few. The Patriots are […]

    Another Pearl from McNeely’s Romance of Grace

    So often, we see ourselves through the eyes of the world that is constantly evaluating and judging us. What if we looked at ourselves through the eyes of God? What would we see? In his book, The Romance of Grace, our friend Jim McNeely has an uplifting, but rather scandalous answer which he takes from Matthew […]

    The Golden Age of Television (Criticism)

    The new season of Arrested Development came out last week, and let’s make one thing clear; it is amazing. It’s what it’s always been, while full of new gags and tropes that made me excited to go back and watch again (because I’m sure I missed plenty). While I admit, it is rocky in places—the […]