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    To My Fellow 2020 “Graduates”: Some Encouragement from My Middle School Diary

    Since my abrupt return home from college and relative social isolation, I have oscillated between moments of overwhelming sorrow—and, I’ll admit, a good bit of self-pity—to profound loneliness, to laughter while playing charades with my family, to utter boredom which I usually while away by watching endless videos and memes on my phone. After my […]

    The Mindset of Paradise Is Grace: What I Learned from Satan

    “Me miserable! which way shall I fly Infinite wrath, and infinite despair? Which way I fly is Hell; myself am Hell … as far From granting he, as I from begging, peace; All hope excluded thus, behold, in stead Mankind created, and for him this world. So farewell, hope; and with hope farewell, fear; Farewell, […]

    Run to the Rescue with Love: Joaquin Phoenix’s Hollywood Sermon

    I have always been a sucker for award shows. All my favorite celebrities in one place dressed in outrageous—and outrageously expensive—Chanel suits and Dior haute couture gowns, giving photo shoots, interviews, speeches, and performances? Yes please. I was especially invested in the Oscars this year because with a few friends I had tried (unsuccessfully) to […]

    Leslie Jamison on Grace Without a Backstory

    “This is the story of a layover. Who tells that story? I’m telling it to you now. One January evening, my flight got delayed out of Louisiana, where I’d been talking to people about their past lives, and I missed my connection in Houston. I had a night there. Trying to have a travel experience […]

    Human Being > Human Doing : A Favorite Piece of Spiritual Advice and Mary Oliver

    In my first year of college, a few simple but profound words poured light into the deep, dark depths of my depression-riddled world. The words came to me thanks to an old friend of my dad’s who also happens to be a leader in a ministry I was beginning to dip my toes in. His […]