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Nick is a 2000 graduate of the University of Arizona and a 2007 graduate of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry, having studied Communications and Religious Studies while at Arizona and Systematic Theology and Ethics at Trinity. An avid movie-watcher, NBA fan and all-around couch potato (when he's not playing basketball or softball), Nick is fascinated by the intersection of the Gospel and everyday life. Ordained in 2007, Nick has pastored Episcopal churches in Jersey City (NJ), Denville (NJ), and Louisville (KY). He has served as Editor-in-chief and Director of Content, Research, and Writing at LIBERATE, the former resource ministry of Tullian Tchividjian, with whom he co-authored "It is Finished: 365 Days of Good News." Nick currently serves as pastor of Grace Anglican Church (ACNA) in Louisville, Kentucky. Nick grew up in northern Virginia and lived there until going to Arizona in 1996, harboring naïve fantasies about playing on the basketball team. He currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky with his wife Aya and three children, Hazel, Patrick, and Charlie.

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    Mamba Mentality for Losers

    Kobe Bryant won’t go away. I was desperately waiting for him to retire so that I wouldn’t have to watch his brand of basketball or listen to his brand of pop-psychology anymore. Then he retired. But now he’s back. Bryant developed a reputation during his playing career for being ultra-competitive (true) and always coming through […]

    Geno Auriemma and the Tyranny of…Wait, Didn’t We Just Do This?

    Geno Auriemma is the high priest of women’s college basketball. His career record is 1027-136, which, I promise you, is not a typo. I checked it a bunch of times. His University of Connecticut basketball team is the unquestioned top dog (it’s a pun…they’re the Huskies) in the sport. They get all best recruits, lose […]

    Tom, Time, and the Tyranny of Perfection

    I’m finally ready for Tom Brady again. Are you? We watched as he was doubted at points during the second-to-most-recent NFL season—during which he was thirty-nine years old—only to come back and win the Super Bowl. We watched as he was lauded last season—at forty—only to lose the Super Bowl. We’ve listened to sports talk […]

    Done and Never Done

    This NBA season has seen a spike in contentious behavior and talk between players and referees. Technical fouls are up, ejections are up, but most obviously, criticism is up. Referees aren’t available to the media, so we don’t have public instances of them criticizing players, but players are contractually obligated to talk to the media, […]

    Chris Mazdzer, Passive Righteousness, and the Fastest Sport on Ice

    The other day, Chris Mazdzer did something no American has ever done: medal in the Olympic luge. You know the luge, it’s the one where the seemingly rubber-suited guys lie on their back on a sled and hurtle down the bobsled track at 80 miles an hour, sneaking an occasional peak to see where in […]

    Death, Taxes, and the New England Patriots

    I’m a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. In the main, the Steelers are a pretty great team for whom to root. They’re almost always pretty good, and win their division most years. Their ownership is stable, evidenced by the fact that they’ve had three coaches since 1969. For comparison’s sake, the Cleveland Browns—a nominal rival of the […]

    UCF Tries to Make Themselves…Just Like Me

    Are you excited for the Georgia/Alabama game on Monday? The one that will crown the 2018 National Champi…oh, wait. Apparently the University of Central Florida already claimed the 2018 National Championship after their Peach Bowl victory over Auburn (admittedly, the only team who beat both Georgia and Alabama this season). What are we to make […]

    No, Actually, I Don’t Work Out: Good News for Unwilling Hearts (A DC Conference Preview)

    I don’t have any acquired tastes. I don’t drink coffee, or smoke a pipe, or do anything else that I didn’t like the first time. And no, actually, I don’t work out, either. I used to think that I was just weak…but now I’ve realized that while I am weak, I’m not just weak. I am […]

    The Celebration Department

    I want to be clear about something from the very start: I adore my cell phone. From the very first time I found myself in the grocery store, not knowing if my wife wanted tuna fish packed in water or in oil and I was actually able to call and find out, I was in […]

    Happy Independence Day: You’re Not Free

    When, in the course of human events, it become necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with one another…wait, that sounds familiar. Has someone said that before? Those, of course, are the first words of the Declaration of Independence, the document that led to the American freedom from Great […]

    Be Prepared to Be Unprepared

    I was a Boy Scout for a while…until I realized that none of the cool kids were Boy Scouts. As soon as I figured out that it wasn’t “cool” to be in the Boy Scouts, I quit to try to jump start my social life. It turned out, of course, that my social problems weren’t […]

    You Are God’s Favorite

    The Bible says that “every good and perfect gift comes from above, from the Father of Lights” (James 1:17). This is a beautiful sentiment. The truth on the ground, though, if you just open your eyes and look around the world, is slightly different. It’s more like “every good and perfect gift comes with a […]