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    Easter Hope

    This poem comes from Erik Bonkovsky, Pastor of City Church of Richmond. Enjoy! Hope is not a slogan, from the left or from the rightHope is not mere rhetoric—smooth words, or sound-biteHope’s not a politician smiling on the news.Hope is not the promise that you will never lose.Hope is more than words.Hope is not a […]

    Joe Eszterhas ambushed by God

    This morning I saw this PBS Story on screenwriter Joe Eszterhas. A few years ago, he reached the end of his rope and was rescued by God. The way he talks about God’s work is fantastic! Below are a few gems from the interview. “Eszterhas resembles only physically who he once was: Hollywood’s highest-paid screenwriter, […]

    True Community?

    As the search for true community continues, Sony promises to release “Playstation Home” by January ’09. Click here for a full (and terrifying) review. It seems that all of us want to be part of a real community. How is it that we continue to let cyber-reality pass as reality?I am most frightened by the […]

    Jesus as James Bond

    Bond is back! Quantum of Solace proved to be an excellent Bond movie, well worth the ticket price, but this James Bond is a different sort of hero. No longer is he the Bond we’ve grown to love through countless USA network James Bond Marathons. He has less sex, makes fewer jokes, and manages to […]