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    From The New Yorker: The Playground Imitates Life…

    Funny New Yorker Cartoon

    ‘Dinner Party Timeout’ by S.H. Carlyle

    Looking for a brief, satirical piece about trying too hard at dinner parties?  We’ve got you covered…

    Dinner Party

    ‘Do you remember how it feels to absolutely crush every other couple in the room?’

    No Pressure

    Fathers and Sons in the Shadow of the Cross

    My third anniversary as a father is fast approaching and I find myself asking, like David Byrne, ‘How did I get here?’ I’m 40 now. I’ve got a toddler. I’ve got a proper job. I’ve got a little gray hair. I eat vegetables and watch my fiber intake. I quit going to clubs years ago; […]

    From Martin Yee: Preaching The Gospel To Ourselves

    Shortly after moving to Singapore *come visit!* I stumbled upon a blog by Martin Yee, which is entirely in-tune with Mockingbird.  One of his recent posts had a quote that was too good not to share with all y’all: The White Horse Inn Blog has noted that unlike the Law the Gospel is not in […]

    God Is Not Your Mother-In-Law

    A marvelous little quote from the good Reverend Capon’s 1996 book, The Romance of the Word: One Man’s Love Affair with Theology, p 11: ‘Grace is wildly irreligious stuff.  It’s more than enough to get God kicked out of the God union that the theologians have formed to keep him on his divine toes so […]

    White Trash, Freaks, Lunatics, God and Mrs. Turpin

    The following excerpt comes from Flannery O’Connor’s short story entitled ‘Revelation’, which is found in her collection Everything That Rises Must Converge. I stumbled upon it by way of a sermon by Tim Keller, and my, what a gem! Toward the end of the tale the main character, Mrs. Turpin, a religious person in the […]

    Acts 9:18

    Their captive attention was intoxicating, until one day in the middle of a heartfelt retelling of a long ago hunt, he stepped too close. The illusion shattered miserably and wholly. (From ‘Unhappy Hipsters‘)

    Death, Loneliness and Beauty – According to Charlie Chaplin (Simul Justus…)

    ‘Will Durant, author and philosopher, was also in Hollywood lecturing at UCLA. He was an old friend and occasionally dined at our house. They were amusing evenings. Will, an enthusiast who needed no stimulant to intoxicate himself but life itself, once asked me: “What is your conception of beauty?” I said I thought it was […]

    Sharing the Good News?

    Jesus and the Myth of the Super-Christian

    From Craig Barnes’ must-read The Pastor As Minor Poet: We do not peddle images of the super-Christian and tell our parishioners to try harder to attain this goal. That’s just another false image. And it will also leave us only with more judgment by tossing the not-good-enough Christian onto our heap of failures….So, with poetic irony, […]

    Mama said there’d be days like this…

    The orange chair’s smugness had so intensified, Walter thought it best to wait in the yard. (Photo: Casey Dunn; ArchDaily)
    The orange chair’s smugness had so intensified, Walter thought it best to wait in the yard.

    (From ‘Unhappy Hipsters‘)