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    Depraved Puppetry: Is There Any Good News in Dark Humor?

    A shining example from our Humor Issue, here’s an essay about rude puppets (and love, and death). You can order the magazine, or subscribe here. The most inappropriate show that has ever aired in the history of TV is Wonder Showzen. It’s amazing that the show survived MTV2 for two whole seasons, from 2005 to […]

    The Trait That Trumps Intelligence

    No, no, not love. A lil’ mustard seed all Americans are born with called ‘grit,’ and are called on to grow and tone, and blossom in success. I got an email with a link to this article, “The Truth About Grit,” that introduces the importance of hard work with Isaac Newton’s story; he didn’t just […]

    Interview with the Vampire… of Glory

    Anne Rice, author of the Vampire Chronicles series (Interview with the Vampire was its first installment, in ’76, and the series as a whole has sold over 100 mil copies), surprised her avid fan base in 2004 with an announcement of her conversion to Christianity. She halted the series, mid-plot cliffhangers, and decided to shift […]