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A son, grandson, brother, husband and nephew (three times over) of pastors, Adam somehow ended up in the family business and serves a very old Lutheran congregation in Lancaster, PA. In his spare time (which no longer exists, because he has a toddler) he plays games with too many rules and shouts at cats.

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    Forgive Yourself, or Die Trying

    Unless it has been replaced, the men’s room mirror at Manning’s Cafe in Minneapolis is a little worse for wear. Not broken, but scratched and pitted, and midway across the bottom the words are indelibly scrawled, “Forgive Yourself.” No telling who wrote it or how long ago, even less what they meant. Was it a pep talk from a […]

    Fear of a Free Planet

    Ben Franklin was close but wrong on life’s certainties. Enoch walked with God and did not see death, for God took him; Elijah was carried to heaven in a fiery chariot; Apple hardly pays a dime. Death is a statistical lock and taxes hard to evade, but there are better bets still. To wit: the Vikings will […]

    This Post Can’t Teach You Theology: Learning with Luther

    Some years ago I had a simple plan for my life. Step 1: head to grad school to learn a bit of theology. Step 2: acquire degrees. Step 3: teach for a living. Forgive my youthful naivete regarding the academic job market. My plan failed, but not for that reason. Neither was I derailed by the process of earning […]

    Thou Shalt Prepare for Baby: Law and Grace in Pregnancy for Husband and Wife

    Tasha Genck Morton is married to Adam Morton and serves as Associate Pastor at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Lancaster, PA. They are due in July. Adam: I have a confession to make: I have read exactly zero pregnancy or baby books. Occasionally I will pick one up from its resting place somewhere near the […]

    Everything I Like Fits Together: The Disappearance of Things and the Horror of Containing the Universe

    Recently I had the misfortune to fill out an online health assessment provided (one might say required) by my church’s pension plan. The usual lifestyle questions were included: do I sleep well? Not particularly. Do I have a plan to improve my sleep? My firstborn arrives in July. Let’s say no again. How many servings of each […]

    Water, Blood and Gasoline: The Full-Throttle Gospel of Mad Max: Fury Road

    Heads-up: While I do my best to minimize them, if you’re concerned about spoilers, rush out now and see the film. “My name is Max. My world is fire and blood.” The film’s opening words declare an existence that is already hell, life and death hardly distinguishable under universal wrath. Small pockets of humanity, if […]

    No Fun at All: Trivia and Self-Justification

    Three days before I heard Jamin Warren’s insightful presentation at Mockingbird’s NYC conference, I walked out of a bar with my wife following our usual Tuesday night trivia contest. Team Sweet Little Baby Jesus, an ecumenical assemblage of clergy and church workers between 28 and 40, had been trounced by our usual rivals, and I […]