Welcome to the New Mockingbird Website!

Buckle your seat-belts

David Zahl / 4.30.21

At long last our new site has arrived!! The culmination of almost two years of work, we are so excited for you to poke around. Not only have we revamped the look and feel (no more microscopic text!), we’ve tried to bring it more into line with how people actually use mbird.com, in both its mobile and desktop iterations.

Our chief goal was to integrate the various avenues of Mockingbird into a single, simple experience. Which is the way we view our work; it’s all different spokes on the same wheel of Gospel goodness. So below the latest articles — which you can finally see more than one of in the same screenlength! — you’ll find a slider with the latest podcasts, one with the recent magazines, and some featured publications and videos as well. You’ll also find a call-out box with seasonal lists of posts you may have missed.

The menu above (three horizontal lines) will take you most of where you need to go. But a few things to highlight:

1. We’ve revamped our “What Is Mockingbird?” page with a ton of recommended posts and books and recordings.

2. Every Friday our Another Week Ends column will post in the top right corner of the site (for desktops), and stay there until the next week’s column unseats it.

3. The Featured post will change every time you refresh. Some of the images will look a little wonky, but we’ll be fixing those as we go.

4. Comments are gone — for now. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want feedback. You can either comment on our social media (where most of the posts also appear) or contact us directly.

5. The Sermon Archive is intact but still in process. We had to pause The Mockingpulpit feed during the changeover, but plenty of new episodes will be dropping soon.

There’s plenty more to notice and enjoy. As is always the case with new websites, especially one of this size, there will be bugs we haven’t caught and issues we didn’t foresee. If you find anything, please email us at info@mbird.com to let us know.

Finally, an ENORMOUS thank you to Joe Mendonca for taking on this gargantuan project, and to Tom Martin for handling the graphic design. Our cup runneth over!

Thank you, as always, for reading/listening/watching, and I so hope we get a non-virtual chance to interact soon,

David Zahl