One Week Until Tyler!

Speakers, Talk Titles, Musical Offerings and Movie Screenings

Mockingbird / 4.30.21

We’re just one week away from the Tyler Mockingbird Festival 2021, “Refreshed: Faith, Hope, and Love Brought Down to Earth.” With live music, movie screenings, delicious food, and speakers galore, the fomo is perhaps justified this time.

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David Zahl will be kicking off the conference discussing ”Apocalypse Now! The Great Reveal Meets The Great Refreshment.”

Tim Blackmon will be giving two talks: “Not Easily Broken: The Supernatural Power of Friendship” and “Do This in Remembrance of Me: The Supernatural Power of Ritual.”

Leigh Hickman returns to Tyler to speak on “The Gory, Ghoulish, and Grotesque Groove of the Gospel: How Horror is Haunted by The Holy.”

And the interview with Coach Mosley from Last Chance U is sure to be a highlight!

Other speakers include:

Carrie Willard,  “The Gospel for Quitters: A User’s Guide”
Josh White, “The Song That Made the Young Girls Cry: Little Graces in Graceless Moments”
Melina Smith, “The Utopia of Childhood”
Matt Hinton, “Sing Lustily & with Good Courage: Sacred Harp as a Model for Congregational Singing”
Todd Brewer, “If Jesus had a Twitter Account”
Kelsi Klembara, “Refreshing Absolution: Staying Hydrated in the Desert of Digital Confession”
Jason Micheli, “Breaking Up With My Barren Deities”
Bryan Jarrell, “Laughter At Your Own Expense: The Surprisingly Refreshing Doctrine of Original Sin”
Cimber Cummings, “The Fleshiness of the Creative Process: When Wounds are Worth Sharing.”

Oh, and the Mockingcast will be recording an episode live!

Musical offerings this year are by Josh White, Matt Raker, Alvaro Agudelo, and The Magills and Co.

Finally, we’ll finish off two of the days with screenings of the the movies “Electric Jesus” and “Parallel Love”!

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