To help you celebrate (and/or survive!) this Christmas season, here are some of the Christmas-themed highlights from past years on the site.

Lots of Santa Claus content over the years, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that the man who “knows if you’ve been bad or good” isn’t exactly our favorite. The creepy Elf on the Shelf reporting back to the man up north is a perennial headache, too.

When it comes to grace, we’d take Jesus over Santa any day of the year. At least Jesus was a real person, the kind of person you can trust.

Sarah Condon has some easy advice for staying married this time of year. Seriously, Hot Pockets are a life-saver.

Bible scholars love to crash the Christmas party when they can. Chad Bird’s “When a Dragon Tried to Eat Jesus” discusses the nativity scene you won’t see this time of year. And Todd Brewer is convinced Jesus wasn’t born in a cold, dark cave.

Martin Luther’s preaching and writing on Christmas are always evergreen.

Everything you need to know about a Charlie Brown Christmas can be found in Matt Schneider’s “Law and Gospel According to Peanuts,” part 1 and part 2.

For those looking for some non-traditional holiday tunes, James Fishwick has been putting together Christmas playlists for a while now and this year’s doesn’t miss a beat.

Nick Lowe was born in Bethlehem, as everyone knows.

DZ can’t say enough about the Christmas-themed music of The Band and Big Star.

Alan Jacobs’s favorite Christmas song is Charles Brown’s, “Please Come Home for Christmas.”

Stephanie Phillips has some choice words for whoever wrote “Away in a Manger”.

Looking for Christmas poetry? We’ve got you more than covered:

And finally, Luther has some serious issues with English Christmas hymns: