When we think back on 2020, it’s hard to describe, and it seems like there has been nothing “normal” about it. As parents and churches think about birthday parties, Sunday school, and Christmas activities, it is hard to imagine how Advent could be that “magical” time of year in 2020.

Thankfully in God’s mercy over the last 8 months our partners at StoryMakers have been creating new tools for families and churches to stay connected, dip into Sunday school, and have some fun, too. There may not be pageant rehearsals, but StoryMakers has created ways for families and churches to retell the story of Christmas with shadow puppets and comic books. As Mel, the creator of StoryMakers, says, “It is in these moments that God is near, so why not point our kids to the messy beauty that makes up the redemptive narratives of the Bible, especially in the season of Advent?”

Take a look at how you and your kids can ease into Advent with StoryMakers this year! They’ll do all the heavy lifting … all you need to do is make the cocoa, pull out some pastels, and let your kids do the rest.

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And P.S. — StoryMakers is offering a free training on Oct. 22nd to give grown-ups some pro-tips on how to share Advent at home.

Advent Comic Series: Joy to the world! Advent is here and so is our Comic Series. Order one Comic per child and discover the true meaning of the season. This 4-week series guides you through the epic arrival of Jesus found in the stories of Luke’s Gospel. Kids will discover the incredible events that led up to the birth of our Savior. Let’s be clear — when Jesus arrived, the events surrounding him were anything but “normal.”  

Advent Pageant: Dive right in to the story of Jesus’s birth. The StoryMaker pageant tells the story from the perspective of two shepherds. The story is simple and easy for any group of children to engage, with plenty of room to add barn animals, angels, and stars as non-speaking roles. Remember to delve in, use your imagination, and have fun!  

Advent Guide: The Christmas story can be a bit tricky to teach little ones. There are many dramatic elements, miracles, and the appearance of angels, all of which leave plenty of room for questions. Our Guide for Grown-Ups will help any teacher or parent easily navigate the depth of the Christmas story. All you need is one guide per class or parent.

Advent Starter Kit: Includes all of the above: our seasonal Comic series, a Christmas Pageant, and a Guide for Grown-Ups. The Advent Starter kit has everything you need to share the greatest story every year. 

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