1. When I know my kids have been on the iPad for too long but I still have work left to do.

2. When my kindergartener gets off of her morning Zoom meeting with her class and is inconsolably sad.

3. At night when I realize I have to do the day all over again.

4. In the morning when I realize I have to do the day all over again.

5. When I hear about hungry kids and lonely sick people.

6. The daunting task of keeping a kitchen clean-ish while also preparing three meals a day. (And yes, my husband is helping.)

7. Being short with my husband about not helping enough.

8. Watching my husband walk the block in our neighborhood while he talks to church people. Yesterday he walked 5 miles. Which sounds valiant. But that was 5 miles that I was homeschooling.

9. Third grade math. All of it.

10. Any science projects that involve food waste. Y’all mean well but come on. I don’t have a cow in my backyard.

11. The grocery store being out of my favorite ice cream bars.

12. Seeing the hospital tents going up in Central Park.

10. Realizing how tired I am.

11. Staring at the yeast and painting set (???) I ordered when this started and I thought I would have loads of time on my hands. I had a vision of Eat, Pray, Love that has been much more Feed People, Shove a Breakfast Bar in My Mouth, OMG the Dishwasher Needs to Be Unloaded Again. It just doesn’t have the same ring. And those baking and creativity ambitions condemn me right now.

12. Lent. I’m canceling it.

13. People at our church losing their jobs.

14. People at our church working in hospitals.

15. Feeling like God has abandoned us.

16. Knowing that God’s healing and closeness often feel furthest away when they are skin to skin with our pain.