If you care about Lent, this is a time of dread. No booze or no dessert or no social media. No fun. My own take is that Lent helps us understand Good Friday, which, to me, makes death exquisitely real. An easier way would have been a heavenly rapture of Our Lord and Savior: Divine Triumph over Trivial Human Reality. But Jesus died.

Hard to take. But we have no choice. Accept it or not, death happens.

Even to rockstars. Brian May was the guitarist for Queen. He wrote the minor hit “Hammer To Fall.” He wrote on his website, “‘Hammer to Fall’ is really about life and death, and being aware of death as being part of life.”

The genius Freddie Mercury exploded May’s song in 1984. Mercury found out he had AIDS in 1987. He died in 1991, months before the retroviral cocktail would have extended or even saved his life. But he died.

When I hear “Hammer To Fall,” I hear the 1987 Mercury, knowing his own death was just a matter of time, not the 1984 May writing about our universal end: just as I transfer the senseless death of Jesus, to the fact that death never makes sense — at least not to me.

So as Lent is about to hammer us into thoughtfulness, I listen to this.