Very pleased to announce the breakout titles and topics for our upcoming conference in New York City (4/25-27)!

  • StoryMakers presents: Imagination, Stories, and God – Melina Smith & co
  • Shooting Blanks: Baby Making in an Age of Anxiety – Ben Maddison
  • Living in Sin: Making Marriage Work Between I Do and Death – Jason Micheli
  • Love Is Stronger than Fear: Rethinking the Conversation about Privilege – Amy Julia Becker
  • I Died and Didn’t Go To Heaven: Grace, Grief, and the Big Question – Connor Gwin
  • Same Old Song: Live Recording and Q&A – Jacob Smith & Aaron Zimmerman
  • On Comic Books: Our Commonly Felt Need and the Search for Hope – Kyle Tomlin
  • When God Makes All Things Nude: Gospel Hope for Marriage When It’s Not All Princess Bride and Marvin Gaye – Charlotte Getz
  • Judgment, Grace, and Rest in Flannery O’Connor – Will McDavid
  • Beyond Gold Stars: A Law/Gospel Approach to Pedagogy – Bryan Jarrell
  • Why Me Lord: A Brief Look at the Scoundrels, Buffoons, and Ne’er Do Well’s whom God Pursues in the Parables – Erick Sorensen
  • Be Your Worst Self – Stephanie Phillips
  • Orange Is the New Blessing – Debbie Griffith
  • At Ego’s End: Where Grace Intersects Us – Josh Retterer
  • Sleeping in Church: A Short Story about a Sign From God – CJ Green

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Also, as part of our pre-conference programming this year, on Weds April 24th (the night before the conference begins!) we’ll be hosting the NYC premiere of Normie, the new documentary from the team that brought us ASK. Stay tuned for details about a post-viewing Q&A with the filmmakers, but this is not to be missed. Tickets are available at