Once again with no small thanks to The Well of Sound, the seventh and most ridiculous episode of which dropped this week. You can listen to (most of) the playlist below on Spotify, too.

  1. Freedom Blues – Little Richard
  2. Rockin’ On My Porch – Jackson Sisters
  3. Poor Boy (The Greenwood) – Electric Light Orchestra
  4. Adored – Hatchie
  5. Blow It Out – The Features
  6. I Can’t Take It (Like) – Cheap Trick
  7. We Won’t Be In Your Way Anymore – Irma Thomas
  8. We Can Talk – The Band
  9. The Woman In the Moon – Barbra Streisand
  10. Chaume Trappist – Beware the Images
  11. Jesus – Vincent
  12. Sing the Changes – The Fireman
  13. Photograph (feat. Natalie Merchant) – R.E.M.
  14. Easier (feat. Molly Parden) – Sons of Bill
  15. Invisible Ink – Aimee Mann
  16. Shandi – KISS
  17. Dear Lord – Thin Lizzy
  18. Born in Chains – Leonard Cohen

P.S. New Liturgical Folk record out this week, Crumbs, and it’s fantastic. A must for anyone interested in BCP-derived indie gorgeousness. Tracks coming soon.

P.P.S. Counting the days til the release of the new Beware the Images EP, Burst Transmission, one track of which we have the privilege of previewing above.