Always an exciting day when we get to ship out a fresh issue of The Mockingbird, and today is no exception.

I simply cannot wait for people to hold this one in their hands. It’s not only the most visually stunning thing we’ve ever done (thank you, Tom & Alyssa!), it includes a number of the articles that I’m personally most proud we’ve had the privilege of publishing over the years–all of it updated, polished, and prettified, with a bunch of brand new material thrown in. My own contribution, on “Underachieving Boys and the Masks Men Wear,” was rewritten almost entirely. You can peruse the Table of Contents and read Ethan’s full Opener here.

Taken together, The Déjà Vu Issue makes for as good a summary and/or jumping on point to Mockingbird as we’ve produced. In other words, if you’ve been looking for something to hook a friend, or simply to explain all the fuss, look no further.

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