This is a short riposte to the politicization of basically everything just now; but not in the way of taking sides, but rather in the way of digging deeper. I mean, digging deeper to the best and true interests of human beings.

The best and true interest of human beings, the necessary condition for our welfare, exists in the direction of connection with another person; and, most typically (tho’ not absolutely always), a romantic connection. The best interest of us does not consist in political concerns and goals. As Sting sang it, in “Spirits in the Material World” (1981), “There is no political solution. Have no faith in constitutions.”

Sting did not mean, and this podcast does not mean, that politics is not important; or that social and political concerns are not worthy ones. But social and political concerns seldom partake of ETERNITY. They are passing away. By definition, they are passing away.

What doesn’t pass away is the human aspiration for romantic connection. The reason one can aver that this is a knowable truth — indeed, a universal truth — is one’s experience with dying people. When people are dying, or believe that their death is imminent, their interest in politics absolutely crashes down to nil. They “check out”, as it were, in favor of more direct personal concerns, specifically the interest we all have in being loved (and cherished), and the interest we feel, by consequence, in loving and cherishing someone else.

I used to say in Birmingham that no life-long “War Eagle” or “Crimson Tide” fan who was dying in UAB Hospital had ever once talked to me, or anyone else at that point, about football. When the Reaper was in sight, such just collapsed. Overnight. Instantly.

The same is true of politics. Someone once said to me of his dying father, “He wants to stay around to see if McGovern can win.” So I decided to ‘try that out’, at the hospital, and asked the dad what his thinking was about the upcoming election. I heard him say, right to my face, “Remind me, Paul, who Senator McGovern is, again.”

Do you see the importance of this? If you think politics is ultimate, then you are being deceived. (In my opinion, being deceived by Satan, who always wants to confuse us concerning our true welfare.) Politics is important, sure. But it is not ultimate.

What is ultimate is love received and love given, and most commonly, romantic, emotionally connecting love that is mutual. That’s what most people have on their minds when “The Train’s a-Comin'”.

The music for this cast is ‘Philadelphia Soul’, specifically “When Will I See You Again”, by The Three Degrees; and “Used Ta Be My Girl”, by The O’Jays.

The cast is dedicated to SPENCER LEFFEL.