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This cast is a kind of summation of my thinking about romantic love in its relation to one’s soul’s salvation.

I have thought about the compelling nature of romance — between two people, I mean — in both its positive, inspiring importance and also its possible negative and undermining impact. In fact, one has long searched for a key, the ‘haft’ that actually opens the door and heals one of scarring memories and long-carried-over inward losses.

Not only has this theme of romantic love’s long-term vicissitudes been with me for awhile, but I’ve often wondered what a cure for it would look like. Not that it’s all about me, but it’s definitely about people I love and know; and especially, let it be said, the older one gets and the more reflective one is forced to become as one gets physically older.

Thus when a spiritual adviser spoke recently about the vitiating power of a negative “soul-tie”, I was all ears. She sounded as if she were on to something. (Why did no one ever tell me about “soul-ties”
before? But hey, now I know.)

This podcast picks up on Gordon Lightfoot — his songs will never die — and that troubadour’s insights into the heart of the vitiating soul-tie. But there is hope in the cutting of it. Major Hope!