Well, the short answer, tho’ not the whole answer, is: you can’t. I wish you could. I can give you a hundred pointers and tips concerning it; and can even print out some prayers for you to say, in hopes of their breaking the soul-tie.

But they would all be “tweaks”. They would all be wistful hopes that will let you down. This is because in “the natural” — i.e., within the systems and interactions of this world — the soul-tie is a tethering of something eternal, your endless soul, to a contingency. The chain of your soul to the memory or person or situation to which it is chained partakes of eternity. You can’t break it. From your/our end, it is unbreakable.

On the other hand, it is nothing to God. Because God is in charge of your soul, He — and He alone — can unchain you. “Unchain My Heart” (Ray Charles, 1961). Exactly how God does this, exactly how and when and where God unfastens the unfastenable in your life — I can’t say. (Wish I could.)

But one thing I can say. And mean it! “Once I was blind, now I see.” I write as one for whom the soul-tie’s been broken. I never thought it would happen. Had tried everything. Then BAM! Someone in whom the Spirit of God dwells broke my tie. Why it was she who broke it — or better, was used to break it for my sake — this I don’t know. It’s almost funny. I mean, given the context. But she did break it, and I now owe a debt I cannot repay.

Listen to Eddie James’ song again. And Tavares’. You can agree with Tavares: “It Only Takes a Minute, Girl.” LUV U. PZ