Pot Kettle Black: Keeping the Mocking-Score in 2017

A little rundown of what content got traction in 2017 for those looking to while […]

Mockingbird / 12.26.17

A little rundown of what content got traction in 2017 for those looking to while away the post-Christmas coma. The lists below are limited to things that were posted/released in 2017, rather than viewed then (if we were including previous years’ output, for example, this is the post that got the overall most traffic in 17). Fresh material will be fairly sparse until the new year:

Top Posts

  1. When Jesus Gets Crucified and Churches Get Bombed
  2. A Sermon For Charlottesville
  3. Ken M and the Wisdom of Trolls
  4. Fleming Rutledge Is Not Ashamed of the Gospel
  5. Masculinity in Crisis: Unexamined Libidos and Lady Birds
  6. Four Points about Martin Luther on 31 October 2017
  7. Please Help The Cause Against (Middle Age Male) Loneliness
  8. A Memo From Houston
  9. Learning About the Gospel from Self-Help, AA, and Tony Robbins
  10. Book Smart and Gospel Stupid
  11. Self-Righteousness at Home in the 21st Century
  12. The Zaccheaus Option

Honorable Mentions: 
The Sad Optimism of La La Land; Desmond Doss, the Coward; When Angels Show Up in Cadillacs; The Preacher Goes to Fashion Week; Publish and Perish; Accidental Killers and Cities of Refuge; #MeToo, and You; This Is Babylon

Three Most Popular Mockingcast Episodes

  1. Abandon Me…in Texas (Melissa Febos)
  2. Pastrix (Nadia Bolz Weber)
  3. Oh What a Feeling! (Simeon Zahl)

Most Popular Tweets (From a Post Not Mentioned Above): This one and, the runner-up, this one.

Most Popular Facebook Post (From a Post Not Mentioned Above): This one and then, this one.

Most Downloaded Sermon(s):

  1. “Looking for Jesus at 4 O’Clock” by Paul Walker
  2. “Where To Go When You Fail” by David Browder
  3. Living in the Gap” by Aaron Zimmerman
  4. “My Memaw Was Right” by Sarah Condon
  5. “Nevertheless She Persisted” by David Zahl

Most Watched Conference Talks

  1. Dear Reformation, It’s Not You It’s Me – Sarah Condon
  2. The Raising of the Crucified One – Fleming Rutledge
  3. Did It Have to Be Jesus? – Nicole Cliffe
  4. Hiding in Plain Sight – Simeon Zahl
  5. Hearing Law, Seeing Gospel – Matthew Milliner