This is a short talk on motivation and love. What motivates a person to do something — to REALLY do something. As opposed to remaining endlessly exhausted and trapped, within a cycle of inner conflict and desuetude.

As usual in PZ’s Podcast, love is the answer. But how? And why? Karl Barth’s decisive mistake is exposed — without animus. Parishioners’ failed self-knowledge, let alone my own failed self-knowledge, is exposed — by experience.

You have to start with experience. It doesn’t mean you have to end there. But you have to start with your own experience.

Simeon Zahl never tires of saying this, and I agree with him. If you don’t start with your own experience, and hopefully a somewhat detached perspective on your own experience, your own experience will continually surprise you, and maybe one day destroy you.

My cast concludes with an interesting example of a person who seems to be “disinterested” in relation to his own human embodied life to a degree that is almost impossible to imagine for oneself. Yet it is the stuff that martyrs are made of, and sometimes saints.

As is fitting, Johnny Rivers will have the last word.