This is the week, people! High time we announced the final talk titles:

Thurs PM
“Rock n Roll All Night, Party Every Day: The Secret of Mockingbird’s Success” – Aaron Zimmerman

Friday AM
“Jackwagon Junction: The Losing Battle of Being in Charge” – Sarah Condon
“Hiding in Plain Sight: The Lost Doctrine of Sin” – Simeon Zahl

Friday PM
“Sisyphus’s Inbox” – Oliver Burkeman
“Culture Against Culture” – William Deresiewicz
“The Raising of the Crucified One” – Fleming Rutledge

Sat AM
“ARCHITECT: Fellow & Failing” – Duo Dickinson
“Did It Have to be Jesus?” – Nicole Cliffe
“Another Decade Ends: The First 10 Years in Flight” – David Zahl

View the full, final schedule here. We’ve also adjusted the menu ever so slightly (and added cold brew coffee!), which you can check out here.

Again, while the meals themselves are sold out, the conference is not. The more, the merrier in fact. Online pre-registration ends on Tuesday, but last-minute walk-ins are always welcome.

Oh and probably goes without saying, but there’s no cover charge on Friday night for this:

P.S. Those who’ve signed up for the pre-conference art tour with PZ, which is currently at capacity, will be receiving an email with details on Monday.