Three Quick Updates:

1. We have officially reached capacity for dining at the conference. If you have yet to pre-register but would like to eat, please purchase your tickets ASAP and send us an email at to reserve a spot on the waiting list. We’ll do all we can to accommodate everyone and will let you know as soon as your plate(s) is guaranteed. Thanks for understanding!

Please note: this does not apply to members of Calvary St George’s.

Please also note: there’s still plenty of room for those who want to attend the sessions. Last-minute walk-ins are always welcome.

2. This is really cool: our friend Samantha Blythe has put together a beautiful fanzine about the recent Tyler Conference and has made it available on Etsy for folks to purchase. Half of the proceeds even benefit Mbird! Click here for more info or to order. Please note: this zine is a limited edition run of 150 copies, and the sale will run only through April 30.

3. Matt Magill and co put together a delightful little video about our time in Tyler, which you can check out below: