I’m feeling optimistic about our future — both mine, and Mary’s, personally; and also the future of our country and the world. This is partly because we are witnessing a kind of up-ending of shibboleths and “narratives” that have neglected universals in engaging with our deep human struggles and woundedness and given the floor to secondary elements, in particular identity-predicates. Secondary traits and qualities of a human being do not solve the inward hauntedness and heartbreak and rejections that make a misery of so many people’s lives. One’s color and background — the accidents of birth and inheritance: these are important. But they are not fundamental. They are insufficient to heal one’s core diseases.

7570002_origWhat is fundamental is love found, love lost, love abandoned, love spurned, love tramped on, love unheard. These are the fundamentals of pain. And they last! They cry out for understanding and empathy, forgiveness and resurrection, acquiescence and peace.

This is why, for example, the moods of Jimmy Webb, the famous songwriter who is still performing, have something to teach us. Webb, who wrote “MacArthur Park” and “Wichita Lineman”, among many other searching songs, has never dated. His songs are about aching, breaking hearts; and also restitution, renewed serenity, and the peril of rejection to a person’s sanity! Jimmy Webb is a kind of “Universal
Soldier” (Donovan), whose themes have been neglected under an avalanche of “narratives” and superficial engagement..

Now is a time to regain some composure by means of universal understanding and also universal rescue. But for that to happen, secondary “solutions” have got to go. Not because they are wrong, as such. But because they don’t work.

Love in Restitution: That’s the Ticket.