No weekender today, or next Friday, but we did record a fresh episode of The Mockingcast last night. The articles we discussed are:

edward-norton-wes-anderson-isle-dogs1. “How Busyness Became a Bona Fide Status Symbol” by Jena McGregor in The Washington Post. We also reference this post.

2. “More People Die of Heart Disease Around Christmas” by Alice Park in Time. Really cheery, I know.

3. The standout was probably “How’s the Economy? Just Look at How Much Celebrating ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ Will Cost“, compiled by Elizabeth Olson for The NY Times.

4. We closed with Cornelius Plantinga’s review of Cicero’s How to Grow Old on Comment.

5. Scott referenced the brand new Christmas Sunday-centric installment of Same Old Song (Christmas Eve went up on Weds).

If I’d had my druthers, we would’ve mentioned this as well:

Other stuff that was in the running:

P.S. Mr Gaffigan, we’re super honored that you’re honored! Now what can we do to get you to our NYC conference (4/27-29)? The food is incredible…