An incredibly heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped put on our conference in Oklahoma City a few weeks ago, especially the good folks at All Souls Episcopal Church, The Anglican Foundation, and the indefatigable, ueber-gracious Carol Johnson. We’re also supremely grateful to The Brothers Carr for running the book table and to Mark Babikow, our ridiculously underpaid A/V guru.

As per usual, we’re making the recordings available at no charge; those who’d like to contribute to the cost of putting on the event can do so here and we’ll be sure get those funds to the powers-that-be. Download links are followed by an in-line player for each session. The main sessions were also videotaped, the first of which aired yesterday. We’ll be rolling the rest of the clips out gradually over the next few weeks.

TALK 1. “Falling Into Grace, Pt 1” – John Newton

TALK 2. “The Gospel Monday thru Friday: Glimpses of Grace in Relationships” – Alex Large

BREAKOUT 1. “Lazaretto, or Where Is That Moral Progress I Was Promised?” – Scott Johnson

BREAKOUT 2. “The Kingdom of Heaven According to Hollywood: It’s Not Where You Think It Is” – Carrie Willard

BREAKOUT 3. “Repentance as an Act of Rebellion” – Jonathan Mitchican

BREAKOUT 4. “Grace All the Way Down” – Mac Stewart


TALK 3. “Falling Into Grace, Pt 2” – John Newton

TALK 4. “Sacraments, Drugs, and Rock & Roll: Pop Culture and the Loss of the Enchanted Imagination” – Jonathan Mitchican

TALK 5. “A View from the Back Pew: Grace in the Grind of Family and Church” – Carrie Willard

TALK 6. “Things Done and Left Undone: Hope Beyond the To-Do List” – David Zahl

CONCLUDING SERMON. “Grace in the Grind” – Alex Large