All of which come from the controversial author’s chapter on Rider Haggard in The Books in My Life, which was published 1951.

the-books-in-my-life“The language and behavior of Jesus do not conform to sense until one has passed through sorrow and travail, until one has become desperate, lost, utterly forsaken and abandoned.”

“Of what stupendous, unimaginable detours are our lives composed.”

“It is our great fortune sometimes to misinterpret our destiny when it is revealed to us. We often accomplish our ends despite ourselves. We try to avoid the swamps and jungles, we seek frantically to escape the wilderness or the desert (one and the same), we attach ourselves to leaders, we worship the gods instead of the One and Only, we lose ourselves in the labyrinth, we fly to distant shores and speak with other tongues, adopt other customs, manners, conventions but ever and always are we driven towards our true end, concealed from us till the last moment.”

As always, we can’t post something from Henry Miller without referencing the trouble one of his books once got Jerry in: