12_j2We are overjoyed by the news that broke in New York City yesterday, that Calvary St George’s Church has officially called founding Mboard member and frequent contributor Jacob Smith to be their third rector. Jacob and his wife Melina have not only spent ten years in “the trenches” building one of most gracious, creative, and non-contrived ministries in the city country (the stories they could tell…), they have done it with humor and humility and extraordinary love. We are so grateful for them, and for everyone at Calvary St George’s.

This is not an insignificant development for Mockingbird, either. The parish not only provided us with space and support during our formative years, they have have played host to our NYC Conferences for the past nine years, and will again this coming spring. As if our tenth anniversary conference (4/27-29/17) wasn’t going to be special enough already…!

For a (small) indication of how wonderful this news is, listen to some of Jake’s sermons. Or better yet, watch the talk he gave at our conference a couple years ago: