As requested, here’s the list of books (and music), we had for sale up in NYC, along with a couple of selections that were heavily referenced in talks. Lots of overlap with the “Recommended Reading” list on our I’m New Here page, but what can you do.



Between Noon and Three: Romance, Law, and the Outrage of Grace. Robert Farrar Capon.
The Christian Life:
Cross or Glory? Steven A. Hein.
Comfortable Words:
Essays in Honor of Paul F.M. Zahl. Jady Koch and Todd Brewer.

The Crucifixion: Understanding the Death of Jesus Christ. Fleming Rutledge
Eden and Afterward:
A Mockingbird Guide to Genesis. Will McDavid.
Grace in Practice:
A Theology of Everyday Life. Paul F.M. Zahl.
Grace Upon Grace, The Good News of God’s Grace,
and The Grace of God has Appeared. David Johnson.
Kingdom, Grace, Judgment:
Paradox, Outrage, and Vindication in the Parables of JesusRobert Farrar Capon.
Law & Gospel:
A Theology for Sinners (and Saints)Will McDavid, Ethan Richardson, David Zahl.
Life’s Too Short To Pretend You’re Not Religious.
David Dark.
The Merciful Impasse:
The Sermon on the Mount for People Who’ve Crashed and Burned (DVD set)Paul F.M. Zahl.
The Mockingbird Devotional: Good News for Today (and Every Day).
Ed. by Ethan Richardson.
The Mockingbird Quarterly,
Issue 5: Forgiveness Issue.
The Mockingbird Quarterly,
Issue 7: The Church Issue.
New Persuasive Words for Defaced or Degraded Ones:
Mercy, Grace, and Hope in an Age of Recession (DVD set). Paul F.M. Zahl.
On Being a Theologian of the Cross
Gerhard O. Forde.

One Way Love: Inexhaustible Grace for an Exhausted World. Tullian Tchividjian.
: The Cranky, Beautiful Faith of a Sinner & SaintNadia Bolz-Weber.
PZ’s Panopticon:
An Off-the-Wall Guide to World Religion. Paul F.M. Zahl.
Sin Boldly!
Justifying Faith for Fragile and Broken Souls. Ted Peters.
Who Will Deliver Us?
The Present Power of the Death of Christ. Paul F.M. Zahl.


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Relief in Everyday Life

A Mess of Help: From the Crucified Soul of Rock N’ Roll. David Zahl.
Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People. Nadia Bolz-Weber.
Adao’s Dance: A Search for Meaning and Peace. Russ Masterson.
Being Dad: Father as a Picture of God’s Grace. Scott Keith.
Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error. Kathryn Schulz.
Beyond Deserving: Children, Parents, and Responsibility Revisited. Dorothy W. Martyn.
The Complete Stories. Flannery O’Connor.
The Gospel According to Pixar. Todd Brewer and David Zahl.
Grace in Addiction: The Good News of Alcoholics Anonymous for Everybody. John Z.
Mockingbird at the Movies. Ed. by CJ Green and David Peterson.
The Mockingbird Quarterly, Issue 4: Work and Play Issue.
The Mockingbird Quarterly, Issue 6: Technology Issue.
Modern Romance. Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinenberg.
The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided By Politics and Religion. Jonathan Haidt.
Sinners Welcome: Poems. Mary Karr.
Supper of the Lamb: A Culinary Reflection. Robert Farrar Capon.
This American Gospel: Public Radio Parables and the Grace of God. Ethan Richardson.
The Useful Sinner. J. David Hawkins.


Mockingbird. Derek Webb.
I Was Wrong, I’m Sorry & I Love You. Derek Webb.
Stockholm Syndrome. Derek Webb.
I See Things Upside Down. Derek Webb.
She Must and Shall Go Free. Derek Webb.
I Played Sports. JAZ.