We’ve never done this before, but in an effort to stoke anticipation for our upcoming conference, we thought we’d announce the initial slate of next year’s breakouts:

  • CeU6N_jUkAA646j-1Luther Goes Helium? Law and Gospel in the Chipmunks’ Trilogy
  • Grace-Based Tiger Parenting
  • The Death of Death: Dying to be Dead (When You’re Not Alive)
  • Roundhouse Kicks and Nervous Ticks: ‘The Wilberforce Option’ and Patrick Swayze’s Road House
  • Leggo My Legos: Exploring the Ministry of Toys in the 21st Century
  • AA Envy: Bottoming Out on Life Without a Chemical Dependency
  • Sanctifying Sleep: 10 Steps to Glorifying God in Your Non-Waking Hours
  • How Low Can You Go? Bathroom Church 101
  • Songs You’ve Never Heard With An Extremely Loose Relation to Christianity
  • Wright Was Right: Embracing the New Perspective on Paul (Once Again, For the First Time)
  • The Fourth Use of the Law: Mimetic Desire and Sacramental Yearning in Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses
  • Liturgical Leaping: A Gospel-Infused Approach to the Spirituality of Jumping in Congregational Worship

Say a prayer, but we’re also hoping to have our new publication ready by that point, The Anxious White Christian’s Guide to Rationalizing Culture.

Any other ideas for us?