A little rundown of what got traffic/traction in 2015 for those looking to while away the post-Christmas coma. Fresh content will be fairly sparse until the new year:

Most Read Posts of 2015

  1. Stephen Colbert Loves the Thing He Most Wishes Had Not Happened
  2. The Scandal of One Way Love
  3. Infidelity, Love and the New Shame
  4. Hello from the Inside
  5. Addressing the Grace Gap in American Churches
  6. Instagramming the Sin of Omission
  7. When Your Life Inevitably Falls Apart
  8. In a World of Suffering, the “And Yet”
  9. Your Best Story, Now!
  10. My Relationship With God Is Better Than Ever

Honorable Mentions: Fifty Shades of Something, What Would Jesus Do (for Lent)?, The Agony of Getting Everything You Want, Step Into Their World, & Are You Washed in the Blood of the Lion?

Least Read Posts of 2015 AKA Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time (And Still Does!)

  1. Pimp My Whitewashed Tomb
  2. Gaming the New Self Help
  3. The Mad Genius of Mindy Kaling
  4. Parsing America’s Professional Prophets
  5. Split or Steal
  6. Nerd Alert!

Most Popular Tweet: This One

Most Popular Facebook Post (Not Already Mentioned Above): The Five Rules of Being a Grown Up

Most Downloaded Sermon(s):A Love Too Best To Be”

Most Watched Conference Talks (Not Given By a Bestselling Author)

  1. Hiding in the Bathroom – Sarah Condon
  2. Life at Play – Jamin Warren
  3. Stories of Grace – John Zahl
  4. The Lame Shall Enter First – Will McDavid

P.S. Special new Christmas episode of The Mockingcast up now. Click here to listen.