eye_of_beholderNo April’s Fools, people – welcome to the decluttered, reorganized, made-over, tuned-up Mbird! We’re really excited about this facelift. What’s new besides the look? The dropdown menus above, larger font for the posts, vertical social media buttons, to name a few features — we’ve also added a long-awaited “I’m New Here” page, which compiles some of our ‘greatest hits’, as well as recommended reading and listening. There are a ton of other little touches here and there that you’ll likely notice over time, a handful of things taken away. But don’t worry – it’s still the same site, with all the same content and the same basic flow/form. The hope is that the many new tweaks and twists add up to a more welcoming and easier-to-navigate site.

Thank you for your patience while we’ve been working on it (and continue to fine tune), and thank you, as always, for reading! Don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have trouble finding anything (info@mbird.com).