EPISODE 185: One Toke Over the Line (Sweet Mary)

Call it another “Envoi”. A Last Word, The Summing Up (Maugham). Which is what it is.

I’ve tried to bring it on home, wrap it up: the message of PZ’s Podcast. Remember I tried to distill things once in an episode entitled “My Sharona”? That was in July 2011 and it was the 54th cast. Well, this is “My Sharona” revisited and it’s the 185th.

I had a vision on the 29th of January (2015). It was not a fun or reassuring vision. Far from it! But it seemed important. I can’t shake it.

So I give it back, to “you the living” (Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett). It’s a vision about meaningless and futility, on Planet Earth. It’s a vision about the “Flare Path” (Terence Rattigan), which symbolizes the ways we think we can land, safely, and get back home. Flare paths light the way, but they are absolutely fraught with danger.

The vision of 1/29 was a vision concerning the Cross, too. I’m writing something these days called “How to Throw a Crucifix”. Most important thing you can learn in life: How to Throw a Crucifix when it’s the only hope.

It was a vision, enfin, concerning meditation, about the instrumental value of meditation in accessing God.

Episode 185 is dedicated to Mary C. Zahl.