April 16-18, 2015

St George’s Church, New York City


“Pardon’s the word to all” – W. Shakespeare

A fresh start. A free pass. An expunged record. To be let off the hook, and not just in theory—that is what it means to be absolved of sin, and it is the life-saving heart of the Christian message. It’s what it is all about.

Yet we seldom experience absolution, in church or any other context. When is the last time you were forgiven for something you had done and it wasn’t surrounded by implicit expectations for the future? What would it look like if we truly believed that God does not hold our past against us? Nor our complicated present, for that matter.

Join us in April as we delve into this most hopeful of subjects. To help, we’ve enlisted Nadia Bolz-Weber (author of Pastrix: The Cranky, Beautiful Faith of a Sinner & Saint), Jamin Warren (editor of Kill Screen Magazine), and a host of Mockingbirds, including Sarah Condon, Will McDavid, Ethan Richardson, Jacob Smith, and John & David Zahl. Our chaplain will be Jim Munroe, and we’ve got a number of special guests in the works that we hope to announce very soon.

In addition to the main presentations, there will be breakout sessions on a wide range of topics, from theology and religion, to movies and music, children and relationships, to philosophy and psychology. If the past eight years are anything to go by, the conference is sure to be a time of warmth, laughter, delicious food, and maybe even a little freedom. We hope you can join us!

Full schedule will be announced Feb 1st.

The event is open to all, and we guarantee there will be something for everyone. Just be sure to pre-register ASAP, as space is limited.