Because let’s face it, at the end of the year, it’s all about the numbers 😉 Enjoy:



Most Read Posts of 2014

1. Sin and Redemption in Frozen
2. Sharing Our Lives with the People We Have Failed To Be
3. Underachieving Boys and the Masks Men Wear
4. Disgruntled Millennials and the Theology of the Cross
5. Hector Black Forgives the Man Who Killed His Daughter
6. On Blessed Messes and the Law of Mothering Ineptitude
7. The Dangers of Transformation and the Hope of Mercy in a Suicidal Church (and World)
8. Overconfident Men and Underestimating Women
9. House of Yoga, Church of CrossFit
10. A Few Thoughts on Righteous Minds and Religious Liberty

Honorable Mentions: Where Have All the Grown-Ups Gone?, Christian Battle Lines and the Narcissism of Small Differences, The Curated Life of Gwyneth Paltrow, Glimmers of Grace in The Grand Hotel Budapest, The Drunken Downfall of Thomas Kinkade, The Day I Confessed My Sins to Louis CK

Least Read Posts of 2014 AKA Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time (And Still Does!)

1. George R.R. Martin on Space Inquisitions and Relativism
2. What Can Woody Allen Trapped Inside John Calvin Teach Us About Anxiety?
3. Sending Your Child to Summer Grief Camp
4. Finding Myself at the Ontario Symposium, or Self-Forgetfulness
5. The First Three Lessons For the Virtuous Raleigh W. Hayes
6. A (Quick) Journey to the End of Taste

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Most Popular Facebook Post: Blessed Are Those Who Aren’t Clobbered By Advice

Most Downloaded Sermon(s): “Hide and Seek”, “The Black Billowing Sail”, “The God Who Demands (and Gives) All”

Most Watched Conference Talk: “On Not Being C.S. Lewis” by Francis Spufford