pastor_barbie_041310_facebook_g1It is really happening now, a much prayed for thing. Women are starting to be called to the big jobs, at least in the church. The “walls of Jericho” (as in Frank Capra’s “It Happened One Night”) are coming down. “No Doubt About It” (Hot Chocolate).

Podcast 166 talks about the promise inherent in this breakthrough, such as reduced conflict in parish communities, reduced transference on the minister, reduced counter-transference from the minister, reduced reactivity (in everybody), and in general, reduced resistance. What a relief for there to be less “heat in the kitchen” when it comes to parish ministry. Someone said to me recently, and bitterly, “Parish ministry can be reduced to one word: politics.” Whether that was true or not in his case, I predict less tension in parishes where women have the tiller.

There is a “Kehrseite” to this, however, an interesting reverse side. What are we going to do with all the angry men in this world? “How Do You Solve a Problem Named”… Archie? Haven’t gotten to that one yet.

Lesley Gore “sussed it” long ago. At the end of the cast, I’ve put her great 45, in its German-language version (“So Sind die Boys Alle”). Consider its incredible piano track. Paging Frau Gore.