EPISODE 162: Rain Dance

Nobody’s talking about the truth, about the reality of… This Thing (Gerald Heard). I saw it so clearly the other day while surfing the cable news. Every single one of the cable news networks was talking about Obamacare. Every one, at the same time! And it was the same arguments, pro and con; the same advocates and same objectors; and the same unrelieved impasse.

I wasn’t interested so much in Obamacare as I was in the repetitive nature of the “conversation”. “Over and Over and Over Again” (Dave Clark Five).

Then I understood why. I understand why it’s all so circular. And then “ten thousand things” were lit up, as well.

Which led me back to the Contraption. And not only the Contraption, but to wonderful Burton Cummings, and his experience in “the Cathedral of St. Thomas”. (That’s Cummings’ way of referring to St. Thomas Episcopal Church, at 53rd Street and Fifth Avenue in New York.) He melted down there once, in the face of an emotional reality; and then the “Sky Was Opened” (CETK).

Call and Response! Reality and Response. Contrition and Forgiveness. We and the Contraption.