EPISODE 163: Deetour

The Contraption just keeps getting bigger. And I sort of wish He’d stop.

This podcast shows Him widening His sphere of influence. Is the “widening” welcome? Well, yes, if you believe that Karen Young, in her magnificent song “Deetour”, speaks the truth. (How can what she sings be denied?)

I also talk about job searches in the parish ministry, and rector search committees. (How could one have been so blind?) Blame it on the Contraption!

Episode 163 is dedicated to JAZ, the Minister of Edits.

EPISODE 164: Happy Clappy

I feel like in order to begin, you have to come to the end. Of something. Citizen Kane was on the other night, and it seems like things ought to begin — such as hope — exactly where that movie ends. If only the main character could have started with the insight that constitutes the last shot, or almost the last shot — the one in the incinerator. That’s where his life should have begun, not ended. But it became too late for ‘Charles Foster Kane’.

But it’s not too late for us! As long as you can read this blurb, then dum spiro, spero. “In my end is my beginning.”

I hear the singles of The Guess Who, a fruitful band if there ever was one, as a succession of suffering positions. The lead singer’s voice, Burton Cummings’ voice, is perfectly pitched to express the pain in the words. I think we need to go back to those. They’re a bona fide rock ‘n roll beginning. You might be Laughing, through These Eyes of loss, but you know you’re Undun. There’ll be No Sugar Tonight (in your coffee). And if you’ve seen your life through the lens of the Panopticon, then you know for sure that there’s No Time. (Don’t) Hang On To Your Life, for it’s a Hand Me Down World. There’s still hope, tho’. May I lead you in a Rain Dance?