EPISODE 156: I Am Curious (Orange)

This is a Protestant “take” on a kind of war horse, a Swedish war horse. Gosh, it packed a punch in its day. And gosh, how little I understood it. Like zero to nil.

Watching it again, after all this time, was devastating to me. How did I miss its message, and its reality, so completely? But I did. Completely.

Don’t go back and see it, in any event. It’s too much to take in: how wrong you were, and how wrong categorization is, in particular. That the Golden Oldie of which I speak was never about what Grove Press wanted it to be about, but is rather about alcoholism, single Dads, and entitled rage: Well, I don’t think I’m going to be able to recover. Ever.

At least the music for this cast can restore some humor. We have that. We have our musical humor.

EPISODE 157: Every Mother’s Son

Hope is hard to put across. That’s because you can’t communicate it through words alone — and maybe not by words at all.

Yet I see it in life, tho’ not as often as one might hope; and even in my own. I also see it in the quiet endings to the novels of ‘Mark Rutherford’ (W. Hale White), not to mention the ending of William Inge’s ‘Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff’. That last, for me, became an instant classic the minute I finished it.

It’s that Contraption again, “working His purpose out as year succeeds to year”. I want to tell people about this who are in their 20s and 30s. I want to tell people who are in their 40s. And I want to tell people who are in their 70s.

Oddly enough, the whole message of the cast comes down to an appeal from Every Mother’s Son. If she could just get away!