EPISODE 147: Transcendence

il_570xN.344969354You can’t fight life, otherwise known as The World, The Flesh and The Devil. Life, as H.G. Wells put it towards the end of his own, is The Antagonist. It is designed to checkmate your ego, with the result being: No One Gets Out Of Here Alive.

The way ahead has therefore got to consist in some form of “I Leap Over the Wall” (Monica Baldwin). Nothing else can work. It’s got to be Transcendence, or nothing.

This podcast appears to locate our Best Hope in Martians. A quote from Dennis Saleh, my actual chosen epitaph, is the take-off point. It’s almost saving.

But wait a minute!: George makes an appearance also. And Friendship 7, America’s first manned spacecraft. And Robert Parker. And Kaiser George.

At least you’ll like the music.


This is a talk about language, attitude, and control.

Thanks to Eric Blair, I was thinking about idiom and usage as Mary and I saw the USA (in our Chevrolet). What do changing conventions of language say about… well, control? What do they say about Original Sin and my Ego, both individual and collective? Well?

What I want to say is, “Have a great one! And would you mind grabbing me a latte? You will? PURR-fect!”