You gotta love Jeremy Lin, and I say that not only as a recently minted Houstonian who is looking forward to some serious Harden/Howard/Parsons beatdowns. In an article posted yesterday, ESPN reports on Lin’s unusual candor before a crowd of Taiwanese (presumably) Christian youth:

Lin went as far to say that he experienced “emptiness, confusion and misery” at points last season. “The one thing I learned was how empty fame and worldly success really are. … The desire for success never stopped,” Lin said. “If the voice that you listen to the most isn’t God’s voice, then eventually you will experience that emptiness, confusion and misery that I felt when I listened to the voice of Linsanity.”

Of greatest interest to me is the way in which Lin’s striving to be his “best self” so quickly turned to self-judgment, self-loathing and self-destruction. Lex semper accusat (the law always accuses), as they say, even if that law is self-made.

“I became so obsessed with becoming a great basketball player … trying to be Linsanity, being this phenomenon that took the NBA by storm,” Lin told a crowd of approximately 20,000 at the Dream Big, Be Yourself youth conference in Taipei, Taiwan.

“I was ready to invigorate the entire city of Houston,” he said. “I was supposed to save Houston basketball.”

Being a devout Christian didn’t save Lin from trying to take the Savior’s place (if only on the court), a trap all of us fall into and which always has disastrous consequences. Here’s hoping that Lin, having been brought to the end of himself, rediscovers the joy and freedom he had before he started trying to live up to the law of Linsanity.