Episode 142: Girl Can’t Help It

I’d like this one to be considered avant-garde. Like Journey.

It’s a pastoral meditation on realism and hope, geared a little from Eric Rohmer’s “political” movie of 1993, “The Tree, The Mayor, and The Mediatheque”.

This cast also gives me a chance to introduce ‘George’ to my listeners. He’s been with me since the 2nd of April. I christened him ‘George’ on the basis of a “Way Out” episode from long ago, entitled “Dissolve to Black”. My friend George, however, is nicer than the original ‘George’.

Anyway, I hope you like the music, hope you like the movie, and I hope you like George!

Episode 143: Old Man River

Here’s a word from our sponsor — George!

It’s a sort of P.S. to Episode 142, and relates to the character of God as “like an ever rolling stream” (Watts). God, i.e., George, floats us down His “Old Man River”, and sometimes we fall right off the boat. Maybe most of the time.

So I look here at a very specific thing, which is the recent output of that celestial blessing known as Los Straitjackets. And Behold: Something New! (“Something Better Beginning”)

Their music’s really become new. It’s a huge encouragement to anyone who’s ever been thrown off the boat.

The cast references two recent songs performed by Los Straitjackets with Sarah Borges, and also their newest — or almost newest — single, “Friday on my Mind”. Podcast 143 also references the second movie version of the musical “Showboat”, which came out in 1936 and was directed by James Whale. Think “Bride of Frankenstein” and you’re home. LUV U.