EPISODE 140: Make It Easy On Yourself

viaggioThe subject is self-forgiveness, and that’s a word I used to find a little lame. I couldn’t understand how a very flawed self could forgive a very flawed self. So in speaking about forgiveness, I tried to put all my weight on the Great Transaction, wrought on Calvary’s tree. It worked.

Yet there were always “those little bits in the corner (of life)”, to quote the parodied sermon in “Beyond the Fringe”, which seemed to escape the great Searchlight. They wouldn’t budge, you might say, or give up their deleterious impact. You could end up making, with them, at least, a pact with despair. (The phrase is Simeon Zahl’s.)

Anyway, there really is something in self-forgiveness — Christ Himself said it, in bringing to the fore the second of the Two Great Commandments of the Law: “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”

What does this mean? (“I want you to tell me” — Foreigner) That’s what this podcast is about. And who in the heck was Homer Lane?

[To listen to the recent sermon of his that Dr. Zahl references, go here]