When Jia Jiang was turned down by a prominent investor for his tech startup, he was beyond devastated: “The final rejection hurt as if Santa Claus showed up in person and told me he’s not real, and then ran away with my gifts,” he says on his blog.  After reflecting on the pain of being turned down, Jiang decided to try Rejection Therapy as a method of inoculating himself from the pain, fear, and anxiety that such dismissal inevitably brings.  For the next 100 days, he decided to have some fun: ask normal, everyday people a wildly inappropriate request, be rejected, and share a video of the experience on his blog.

Without commenting extensively on Rejection Therapy as a good or bad thing, the video below shows his third attempt ran into some trouble. What happens when your wildly inappropriate request is not only met in love, but smothered in grace, freedom, and, well, anti-rejection? Jiang gives Ghandi the credit for this act of kindness- though I think the Olympic doughnuts take a more cruciform shape than that… [h/t HuffPost Food]