EPISODE 115: In the event of

“What makes the melon ball bounce?” (That’s a Madison Avenue jingle, direct from the actual historic world that Mad Men is supposed to inhabit, which was produced by Raymond Scott in 1963 for Sprite.)

But it’s just a starter for the real question: What makes you bounce? What gives you that little pep and step, or at least from a grace perspective? What could prove sufficient to move you from paralysis and indecision, to truth and consequence?

Well, would it surprise you if I argued you’ve got to die, first? And really die — more or less, concretely: something like the “near death” experiences you’ve read about, where the fellow is floating up by the ceiling of the operating theater looking down on himself, irrecoverably deceased. Kind of a “Twilight Zone” moment up there.

That’s what I’m talking about, with some help from the Sermon on the Mount, and also from ‘Soames Forsyte’, ‘Fleur Forsyte’, and John Bunyan.

This is your “Futurama” (again, Raymond Scott), and you’ve just got to see!