The good news is, the podcast is officially up on the new server! The less good news is, it probably won’t be available on iTunes for a few more days. In the meantime, though, you can get three new episodes by (re-)subscribing directly to the podcast via its updated feed. It’s actually really easy:

1. Copy the link to the new podcast feed ( You can copy this link by right clicking on the link and selecting copy. Or you can click on the link and copy the link from the address bar on your browser.

2. Open up iTunes and go to the Advanced menu located on the top left of iTunes. Within the Advanced menu, you will see Subscribe to Podcast as the third listing. Choose this option and a dialogue box will open up asking for a URL. Paste the link to your Podcast Feed into the dialogue box and click OK. You have now added this podcast to your subscribed podcasts.

Blurbs appeared for two of the three new episodes a few weeks ago, but the casts themselves never made it up. So the three new casts are:

Thanks again for your patience!