Gordon’s MacDonald’s thoughts on “Vigorous Repentance”:

I once thought that repentance simply meant that when you do something bad, you mention it, say that you’re sorry, and move on. But a revisiting of the Bible on this subject has moved me to understand that repentance is, first and foremost, an acknowledgement of that deeper pool of evil that lies resident in every one of us and which is ready to explode at any moment.

If you know anything about MacDonald, you know that he knows about glory, failure, and grace. I’m thankful for men and women like him who recognize with clear eyes the “pool of evil” in us. Failure to do so results in an inability to understand oneself and others, and makes Christianity a bizarre and unfruitful exercise in self-improvement. Recognizing our fallenness, however, is step 1 on our way to being undone by the unsurpassable riches of God’s grace in Christ to sinners like you and me.