Undeniably one of the most powerful breakout sessions at our 2012 Spring Conference in NYC–indeed at any of our conferences–was presented by special guest Jay Haug on the subject of Sex Addiction. What follows is Jay’s preview of the session and the recording of the session itself:

Pornography, cyber hook-ups, friends with benefits. What was once a major journey into the inner city has now become mainstream temptation, a small step only a few clicks away. It is a web into which many become entangled, taking years and multiple failed efforts to free themselves. Reliable statistics tell us that within the church, nearly 50% of men regularly consume porn with 30% saying it has become a life struggle, a stronghold.

Yet, the reality is that sexual addiction is rarely spoken about in respectable society. Some believe the very moniker is a cop-out and attempt to deflect blame or guilt. The result is that many suffer alone, cut-off from real help and hope.

Jay Haug is someone who struggled alone for decades, paying a painful price for what he could only begin to understand. He will share his path to freedom and to renewed intimacy with God, his wife and a band of brothers determined to walk in the light.

You may download the file by clicking here.

Jay Haug has served as an Episcopal priest, financial adviser, radio talk show host and now as a law partner recruiter. A graduate of Williams College and Virginia Theological Seminary, Jay is the author Beyond the Flaming Sword: Poems of Life from Eden to the Cross. He has been married for 32 years and has three grown children.