“To know oneself is, above all, to know what one lacks. The first product of self-knowledge is humility.” –Flannery O’Connor

“To live outside the law, you must be honest.” –Bob Dylan

Honesty. Is there a scarier word in the English language? For some, it is a luxury they can’t afford, for others the last stop on the train. Yet what a relief it is to be unburdened of our defensiveness – with our loved ones, with ourselves, with God. To live in freedom and humility rather than exhaustion and fear. Join us for a few days in Manhattan this Spring as we explore how God’s grace – in all its clear-eyed honesty – creates hearts full of hope.

Our keynote speaker this year will be Michael Horton, noted author, theologian and radio host of The White Horse Inn. Other contributors include Aaron Zimmerman & David Zahl of Mockingbird, with devotions from conference chaplain Jacob Smith. There will also be eight breakout sessions, covering a wide range of topics, from film, music and literature to parenting and aspects of life in local churches.

If the past four years are anything to go by, the conference is sure to be a time of warmth, fun and maybe even a little emancipation. And on Friday evening, we’ll be celebrating the 5th anniversary of Mockingbird – not to be missed!

The event is open to anyone and everyone. Just be sure to pre-register ASAP, as space is limited.

There are a number of price options this year:

  • 3 Days: With Meals $150, No Meals $100
  • 2 Days: With Meals $100, No Meals $75
  • 1 Day (Friday): With Meals $75, No Meals $50
  • 1 Day (Thurs or Sat): With Meals $50, No Meals $25
  • 1 Meal: $25

In addition, this year we are offering a special across-the-board rate for students and seminarians, an All-Inclusive registration of $100/person or $150/couple (friend, spouse, colleague, etc). Simply be sure to select one of the “seminarian/student” options. For information about other scholarships, please contact us at info@mbird.com.