Welcome to Mockingbird 2.1!

We are super excited to announce the launch of phase two of this site. The […]

Mockingbird / 12.5.11
We are super excited to announce the launch of phase two of this site. The result of months of hard work, at long last we invite you to explore all the non-blog pages listed to the right of the logo at top. No longer will you be redirected to the rinky-dink old site! At least, with one exception. So what’s new?

1. We have doubled the size of our Resources section. There are now over 200 free, fully downloadable files for you to enjoy. Sermons, Conference Talks, Articles, Teaching Programs, and even Reading Lists. Best of all, they are fully searchable and sortable. You can even import them directly into your iTunes program as customized podcasts. We’ll be adding new Resources regularly, so be sure to check back often.

2. We have completely revamped the About section, adding History, Frequently Asked Questions, Staff and Contact pages. As fun as it was to be mysterious, we figured it was time to spell things out a bit more. What exactly are these questions that have been so frequently asked? They include:

Does Mockingbird have a specific focus? Isn’t it basically a pop-culture blog?
In what way is Mockingbird a ministry? Why would you use that word?
Do you ever worry that you’re ascribing religious motives or meanings to works of art that are consciously the opposite?
Where are you coming from theologically? What is your tradition? What are your touchstones?
Does Mockingbird take submissions?
What is Mockingbird’s relationship to the church?

3. We have completely revamped our Support page, fully integrating online giving. If you’d like to sign up for monthly donations, for example, you may do so easily. We have also added a lengthy Finances Q&A to address some of the How’s and Why’s of supporting Mockingbird, including:

How is Mockingbird funded?
Why would someone want to support Mockingbird?
Isn’t Mockingbird basically just a blog? Don’t people write those in their spare time? For free?
Why doesn’t Mockingbird defray its operating costs by accepting advertising?
If I decide to support Mockingbird, where does my money go?

4. We have added a brand-new Glossary section, explaining some of the more specialized terms used on the site, e.g. Gospel, Imputation, Simul Iustus et Peccator, Theology of the Cross, Theology of Glory, Semi-Pelagianism, The Law, etc. None of the entries are, or could possibly be, comprehensive. Hundreds of books have been written on each. We are aiming instead, via a few broad strokes, to give a sense of how the terms are being used. If there are significant words missing that you feel could use an entry, please email us at info@mbird.com.

Of course, we’re not finished yet. Coming in 2012 you can expect a revamped Publications store, a Church Links page, a Begin Here section, maybe even an updated mobile App, not to mention a bunch of other surprises. Again, we could not be more excited about this new phase (a huge thank you goes out to our mega-talented webmaster James Fishwick). Do bear with us while we work out the kinks. And thanks as always for sticking with us. We’ll keep chirping if you keep reading.